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Garden Inn & Restauran

Garden Inn & Restauran

Following is a list of accommodation 
(hotels and guesthouses)  
in Bukit Lawang including room rates, For prices and details
call://085361759583 and hotel reviews from other travelers.

Sam's Bungalows 
has 3 rooms. 
Located right at the top end of 
Bukit Lawang close to the Orangutan centre.
Prices are 80,000Rp, 150,000Rp and 
180,000Rp. For prices and details 
call :085361759583

Jungle Inn 
has 9 rooms all with different 
jungle designs ranging from 
250,000Rp - 500,000Rp per night. 
Prices may go up during the high 
season (June - August)
For prices and details

is one of the best places
to stay in Bukit Lawang with 34 rooms
with 5 different styles including their brand new 
Orangutan rooms. From 155,000Rp - 
300,000Rp per night.For prices and details 

Indra Valley Inn and Restaurant 
has 2 bungalows and 2 standard rooms.
Located at the top end of Bukit Lawang. 
Prices from 50,000Rp. 
For prices and details
call:// 085361759583

Garden Inn and Restaurant 
has 7 rooms and one house 
with rooms between 35,000Rp
- 50,000Rp and the house for 
200,000Rp per night. 
For prices and details  
call:// 085361759583

Rainforest Guesthouse,
run by the fabulous
Nora Rainforest Guesthouse is 
located just next to the camping ground 
and opened in April 2008. 
Room prices from 40,000 For pictures,
prices and details 
call:// 085361759583 

Nora's Homestay 
also run by the fabulous Nora, 
is located off the main road 
running into Bukit Lawang.
Prices start from 30,000Rp per night.
For prices and details
call:// 085361759583

Wisma Leuser Sibayak 
prices starting from 35,000Rp. 
For prices and details
call:// 085361759583

Rindu Alam Hotel 
is located right at the bottom end 
of Bukit Lawang as you first enter
the village.They have 40 standard 
rooms and 4 family rooms.
Room prices start from 250,000Rp. 
For prices and details 

Yusman Guest House 
is located on the other side of the river
via the large suspension bridge. 
Prices start from 25,000Rp. 
For prices and deatails

Bukit Lawang Indah Hotel
is right next door to Yusman Guest House.
Prices start from 30,000Rp. 
For prices and details  
call:// 085361759583

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